Emotive Imagery: Blog https://www.emotive-imagery.co.uk/blog en-us (C) Emotive Imagery maxine@emotive-imagery.co.uk (Emotive Imagery) Sat, 07 Apr 2018 08:44:00 GMT Sat, 07 Apr 2018 08:44:00 GMT https://www.emotive-imagery.co.uk/img/s/v-5/u15844080-o764698386-50.jpg Emotive Imagery: Blog https://www.emotive-imagery.co.uk/blog 120 90 Kate & Matt's Elegant Mill Barns Wedding & Reception https://www.emotive-imagery.co.uk/blog/2018/4/kate-matts-elegant-mill-barns-wedding-reception I visited The Mill Barns, Alveley for the second time last year to photograph Kate and Matt's wedding there.  Kate had planned everything down to the very last, beautiful tiny detail, including (and in true family tradition) a rather large bridal party to support them.  It is unusual for me to see such a large bridal party but with loads of space at the venue to show them off and Kate's fabulous colour co-ordination, it was a sight to behold.

From their pre-wedding shoot I had a feeling that their son, Louis, would steal the show and despite Matt looked dapper in his suit and Kate absolutely stunning in her gown and it being their wedding day, I was right - he was the absolute centre of attention throughout and loved every moment of it!  This was a wedding of pure love and laughter and was a pleasure to capture on photo and video to treasure for the future.

For a peak at this fabulous day, take a look at their wedding photography slideshow below.  Because the autoHD option reduces quality, when viewing please select the 720 option from the dropdown menu at the bottom right of the viewing screen thank.  Enjoy!

Kate & Matt The Mill Barns wedding photography slideshowKate & Matt The Mill Barns wedding photography slideshow by www.emotive-imagery.co.uk

maxine@emotive-imagery.co.uk (Emotive Imagery) alveley mill barns photography slideshow wedding wedding photography https://www.emotive-imagery.co.uk/blog/2018/4/kate-matts-elegant-mill-barns-wedding-reception Sat, 07 Apr 2018 08:43:48 GMT
'Peaky Boi' at the Black Country Museum https://www.emotive-imagery.co.uk/blog/2018/3/peaky-boi-at-the-black-country-museum In between weddings we had 'an appointment, by order of the Peaky Blinders' for a photoshoot with the amazingly chilled Daniel who was an absolute pleasure to work with.  As a very convincing part of a Peaky group wanting some images for his portfolio, this was a great opportunity for us to produce some 'darker' and more atmospheric shots around the authentic Peaky stomping ground of the Black Country Museum.  It was an afternoon straight out of the photographers dream shot book; the weather eventually being just dismal enough to let us have the place almost to ourselves, but dry long enough to get a good number of shots and when it wasn't - a Peaky happy to stand out in the rain.  This Peaky Boi turned some heads during our visit and for those of you who weren't there, I wouldn't want to deprive you.......


maxine@emotive-imagery.co.uk (Emotive Imagery) black country museum peaky peaky blinders peaky boi https://www.emotive-imagery.co.uk/blog/2018/3/peaky-boi-at-the-black-country-museum Mon, 12 Mar 2018 16:24:21 GMT
Sophie & Mark's wedding slideshow - Tuck Hill Church & The Blakelands Country House https://www.emotive-imagery.co.uk/blog/2018/2/sophie-marks-wedding-slideshow---tuck-hill-church-the-blakelands-country-house Sophie and Mark chose the quaint Tuck Hill Church and it's fabulously jovial minister for their country wedding ceremony last August, but before meeting up with them there I went to Sophie's parents to grab some bridal prep images.  With 'Michelle G' in charge of make-up, Sophie changed things up from an already naturally pretty bride to 'looking-like-she-had-just-walked-out-of-a-film-set-stunning' and once the look was complete with her gown, the house was awash with lots of well-deserved oooh and ahhhs!

An initially unfazed Mark sauntered up to the church shortly before Sophie's arrival time and was beaming from ear to ear before he had even seen his bride (although nerves did start to kick in when he was waiting in the church).  With a light-hearted but emotional service complete and a few piccies later, we all popped down the road to Blakelands Country House, Bobbington for the reception. 

Sophie and Mark were determined to make the most of the Blakelands Grounds (as were some of their guests - Sophie's work colleagues are completely bonkers and the swing kept them amused for ages!), not only having a bit of time away for the two of them after the drinks reception, but going out to capture the evening light (which was given a little bit of help for the pictures) and getting some night shots as well as having a massive sparkler party in the courtyard!

Here are a few images from the wedding photography of their very special day - enjoy!

Because the autoHD option reduces quality, when viewing, please select the 720 option from the dropdown menu in the bottom right of the viewing screen.

Sophie & Mark - Blakelands    



maxine@emotive-imagery.co.uk (Emotive Imagery) blakelands blakelands country house bobbington photography sparklers wedding wedding photography https://www.emotive-imagery.co.uk/blog/2018/2/sophie-marks-wedding-slideshow---tuck-hill-church-the-blakelands-country-house Fri, 02 Feb 2018 11:56:39 GMT
Zoey & Dave - Wedding photography slideshow from The Mill Barns, Alveley https://www.emotive-imagery.co.uk/blog/2018/1/zoey-dave---wedding-photography-slideshow-from-the-mill-barns-alveley Soooo, this was the 'no pressure' wedding of the year....Zoey studied at the Plymouth College of Art and her elected subject for her degree was photography - so she had VERY clear ideas of what style of photography/imagery she wanted for her wedding.  She and Dave had also chosen the Mill Barns in Alveley as their wedding venue and, whilst I had visited there just before the wedding to get a 'feel' of the new building and layout for shots it would be the first visit of the year for me.

The new timber barns are certainly a change from the site's previous incarnation, now offering a grand rustic and industrial backdrop for couples to add their own finishing touches and from what I have seen so far, everyone makes the most of this amazing space.  The two main function rooms are incredibly light and airy and provide fabulous views over the mill pond and gardens, so even if people want to stay indoors, they can still see what is going on outside and feel part of the wedding.  

Back to the wedding!  Zoey and the girls settled into the enormous bridal prep room for hair, make up and (true to her super-relaxed approach towards the wedding) some seriously last minute dress alterations - you know things are going to be interesting when the bridesmaids are still standing on chairs having their dresses hemmed when the registrars are interviewing the bride minutes before the ceremony..........  Along similar lines, although he guys were ready, Dave was in the Mill Pond Barn 'building' his creation - their fabulous naked wedding cake - and making sure the incredible rustic letters he had made were 'just so'.

The time finally arrived for the most important part of the day and everyone in the Mill Wheel Barn was waiting in anticipation for the arrival of Zoey - the waiting did allow Dave's nerves to kick in a little, but once the music started, the doors opened and his stunning bride-to-be made her way down the aisle he was all smiles! 

From that point on the day whizzed by with loads of love and laughter (including a self-carved roast complete with chef hats and Marvel superhero aprons (Dave was determined to get some reference to them in somewhere) and an hilarious game of 'Mr & Mrs' hosted by the best man before the first dance) and it seemed like no time before we were out getting the last evening shots of what had been an amazing day.

I have put some images together from their day, so please enjoy watching over the next few minutes.  When viewing, because the autoHD option reduces quality, please select the 720 option from the dropdown menu at the bottom right of the viewing screen.  Thanks,  

Zoey & Dave - The Mill Barns, Alverley titled  



maxine@emotive-imagery.co.uk (Emotive Imagery) alveley photography the mill barns wedding wedding photography https://www.emotive-imagery.co.uk/blog/2018/1/zoey-dave---wedding-photography-slideshow-from-the-mill-barns-alveley Fri, 19 Jan 2018 11:00:17 GMT
Iris & Tim's Uk wedding blessing at All Saint's, Sedgley & celebration at Blakelands https://www.emotive-imagery.co.uk/blog/2018/1/iris-tims-uk-wedding-blessing-at-all-saint-s-sedgley-celebration-at-blakelands Tim & Iris married in Hong Kong last year and, although Tim's close family travelled to join them for the wedding, they wanted to make sure that their wider UK family and friends had a chance to share their wedding celebrations and so, in July, they held their second 'wedding'. 

I met up with Iris for her very low key bridal prep and when I arrived she was making the up the pretty button holes and bouquet before sorting her own hair and make-up, putting on her first gown of the day and travelling to the family church in John's (Tims dad's) vintage car 'cutie'.  The church hall was the first stop for everyone to enjoy scrummy tea and cake before pottering over the road to All Saints for the wedding blessing, group photos and enjoy the vintage car procession to Blakelands, Bobbington.  Once there, Paul and his fab team 'did their thing' to make sure the pretty unique reception went to plan; with drinks in the garden enjoying the fabulous weather, a vintage car line-up in the court-yard, exploring the Blakelands gardens (more couple photos and another 2 gowns for the ever-smiling Iris), the wedding breakfast, an evening quiz and 'select it yourself' disco.

Tim and Iris have kindly let me share some highlights from their day - so please enjoy.   When viewing, because the autoHD option reduces quality, please select the 720 option from the drop-down menu at the bottom right of the viewing screen.  


Tim & Iris - Blakelands

maxine@emotive-imagery.co.uk (Emotive Imagery) all saints blakelands blessing bobbington celebration hong kong sedgley wedding https://www.emotive-imagery.co.uk/blog/2018/1/iris-tims-uk-wedding-blessing-at-all-saint-s-sedgley-celebration-at-blakelands Sun, 07 Jan 2018 13:14:01 GMT
Cat & Dave's 'Great Gatsby' themed wedding at St Peter's Church, Kinver &, Spring Grove House https://www.emotive-imagery.co.uk/blog/2018/1/cat-daves-great-gatsby-themed-wedding-at-st-peter-s-church-kinver-spring-grove-house A day that was long-awaited by Cat and Dave's family and friends, planning got underway in earnest after Dave's on-stage proposal at the close of one of Cat's productions on 24th December 2014. From that moment on it was full-steam ahead with the planning of their 'Great Gatsby' themed wedding with excitement building until their big day finally arrived in August 2017.

With such a large bridal party, prep was busy to say the least and great fun - especially with takes for their Marryoke of 'summer Nights' (see www.occasions.uk.com) being captured to add to their video package.  I knew from Cat's performance background that we were going to be capturing something unique and this was confirmed when I got a taste of the Gatsby theme on being allowed into the bedroom to grab some detail shots and was allowed to see Cat's feather bouquet and her beautiful gown with a bodice of white feathers.  

I caught up with the boys (looking very dapper in black tie) at St Peter's Church in Kinver which provided the perfect backdrop for their rather emotional wedding ceremony 'especially the part when the boy finally got the girl' - or maybe the other way around!  Given the location we always anticipate some flowing veil shots (we have only one blow away once) and, as usual, the wind obliged whilst Cat and Dave kept a firm grip on the veil.

Ceremony and family group photos over over, we all moved onto Spring Grove House.  A venue that perfectly complimented their Gatsby theme; with the 18th Century Georgian Mansion opulently dressed for their day's events, the theme park to provide a bit of fun for the bridal party visit to the carousel and chair swings and the funky Cellarz venue for a more 'nightclub' feel to their evening. 

We have photographed Dexter several times during their gigs and so it was great to catch up with the guys again (Cat's extended family) and see them perform at the wedding and knew it wouldn't be too long before Cat would be up to join them to complete the line-up - wedding day or not!

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Richard's - it was a blast!

For a taste of their day, please take a look at their slideshow but because the autoHD option reduces quality, please select the 720 from the dropdown menu at the bottom right of the viewing screen. Thanks & enjoy! Cat & Dave Slideshow - St Peter's Kinver & Spring Grove House

maxine@emotive-imagery.co.uk (Emotive Imagery) cellarz gatsby kinver photography spring grove house wedding https://www.emotive-imagery.co.uk/blog/2018/1/cat-daves-great-gatsby-themed-wedding-at-st-peter-s-church-kinver-spring-grove-house Tue, 02 Jan 2018 18:49:39 GMT
Anthony and Laura's stunning Somerford Hall wedding. https://www.emotive-imagery.co.uk/blog/2017/12/anthony-and-lauras-stunning-somerford-hall-wedding Anthony and Laura chose Somerford Hall, Brewood, as the venue for their wedding and reception because, not only could they have an outdoor ceremony, but the furry family members could also be part of their day!

Anthony was on tenterhooks all morning as the grey clouds gathered and rain showers visited whilst the gazebo was being set for their outdoor ceremony (Laura REALLY wanted an outdoor ceremony) and the possibility was still under review when the registrars arrived - Somerford had also set up for an indoor ceremony just in case.

However, with only showers, many of the guests having brollies and the registrars happy to 'give it a go' because they knew how important this was to Laura - much to Anthony's relief!

Thankfully, the weather held and we enjoyed a beautiful ceremony and drinks reception in the gardens (with some fabulously crazy canine companions) before moving into the elegantly decorated and stunning ballroom for the wedding breakfast.  The wet weather then decided to arrive and, although the adults decided against getting wet, the younger guests thought bouncy castles in the torrential rain were great fun.  

Because the autoHD option reduces quality, to optimize viewing, please select the 720 option from the drop-down menu of the viewing screen. Thanks.

Laura & Anthony's wedding photography slideshowWedding photography at Sommerford Hall by www.emotive-imagery.co.uk

maxine@emotive-imagery.co.uk (Emotive Imagery) brewood photography someford hall somerford wedding wedding ceremony wedding photography https://www.emotive-imagery.co.uk/blog/2017/12/anthony-and-lauras-stunning-somerford-hall-wedding Thu, 21 Dec 2017 20:59:49 GMT
Charlotte & Richard's wedding photography slideshow - St Marks & the Dudley Arms https://www.emotive-imagery.co.uk/blog/2017/12/charlotte-richards-wedding-photography-slideshow---st-marks-the-dudley-arms Charlotte and Richard married at St Mark's Church in Pensnett and although the plan was to have a photo session at Himley Park, shortly after the ceremony the weather decided not to play which meant that we had to swiftly retreat back into the church for group and couple shots and abandon the original plan.  Richard and Charlotte were happy to brave the downpour and gale force winds for a few of their shots outside the church whilst their guests moved onto the Dudley Arms for a well-deserved warm and hot pork bun.  Once Richard and Charlotte had dried off and had make-up re-applied (in Charlotte's case ;-)) we managed to squeeze in a few more images at the Dudley Arms (Himley) before the guests joined them upstairs to party when Evie, their daughter, surprised everyone with a dance number she had been practicing for the special event and received a well-deserved roar of applause for her efforts. 

Their wedding was a fabulous example of a wonderful couple realizing that their best-laid plans were not going to pan out and, without stressing about it, just went with the flow to enjoy every minute of their day.


Here are a few images from their day - enjoy!

Because the autoHD option reduces quality, when viewing please select the 720 option from the drop-down menu at the bottom right of the viewing screen.  Thank you. 

Charlotte & Richard wedding photography slideshow  

maxine@emotive-imagery.co.uk (Emotive Imagery) dudley arms himley pensnett photography st mark's wedding wedding photography https://www.emotive-imagery.co.uk/blog/2017/12/charlotte-richards-wedding-photography-slideshow---st-marks-the-dudley-arms Mon, 18 Dec 2017 12:48:21 GMT
Kaylee & Jay's wedding slideshow - Hadley Park Hall, Telford https://www.emotive-imagery.co.uk/blog/2017/12/kaylee-jays-wedding-slideshow---hadley-park-hall-telford Kaylee and Jay celebrated their wedding day with family and friends at Hadley Park Hall in Telford.  After a somewhat manic bridal prep and bit of a stress over Piper's outbreak of Chickenpox (all sorted for the photos with a bit of photoshop - at Kaylee's request) the girls were ready for the ceremony and it was time for Kaylee to wed her 'prince charming'.

Although he had been nervous all morning, Jay's wait was rewarded with Kaylee being escorted down the aisle by Kevin who was bursting with pride as father of this most beautiful bride.  Although this had been a long time in the making, it wasn't until after the ceremony that Kaylee and Jay finally relaxed and were ready to enjoy the rest of their day and make the most of the sunny spells around the grounds of the Georgian Hall.  With an ice cream van providing dessert to kids of all ages, sparkler extravaganza, disco balloon bonanza, guest singer and Kevin getting most of the night off from his 'normal' wedding work as DJ - this was a truly 'family friendly' wedding and a fantastic day to be a part of. 

When viewing, because the autotHD  reduces quality, please select the 1080 option from the drop-down menu at the bottom right of the viewing screen.

  Thank you & enjoy!

Kaylee & Jay wedding slideshow - Hadley Park House Hotel, Telford

maxine@emotive-imagery.co.uk (Emotive Imagery) hadley hadley park hadley park hall park hall telford wedding https://www.emotive-imagery.co.uk/blog/2017/12/kaylee-jays-wedding-slideshow---hadley-park-hall-telford Thu, 07 Dec 2017 14:08:13 GMT
Helena & Dave's slideshow - Could it be magic? https://www.emotive-imagery.co.uk/blog/2017/8/helena-daves-slideshow---a-day-of-emotion-and-laughter-for-a-fabulous-couple It has been a while since I have posted anything from wedding/portraits because things have been somewhat hectic, but I will try to get back on track over the next few weeks.

First up is Helena and Dave's slideshow from their wedding back in June.  I posted a few sneak peaks of images from their wedding on my blog and Phil has shared his video montages; so now you can catch up with the rest of their love story.  

I caught up with the girls at Helena's Parent's house.  They were having a somewhat chilled morning so we decided to 'shake it up a bit' by doing their first marryoke take.  Being a massive fan, the song had to be from Take That and although Helena couldn't join us because she was being 'beautified' at the time, even with a last minute change of the track, mom and dad were absolute stars dancing around in the garden and giving it their all!    

Helena had arranged the surprise of hiring a bright orange Maclaren for Dave to drive to church and, whilst he did eventually get to St Benedicts in Wombourne, he had spend most of the morning putting the car through its paces - but we knew he hadn't gone far because we could hear the roar of the engine resonating around the streets!  Once the guys had finally managed to tear themselves away from what I was assured was a thing of beauty, a bit of marryoke was in order before capturing the guys shots and getting them into church before the arrival of the stunning bride and bridesmaids.

Following an emotional ceremony we all moved onto Albrighton Hall, Shrewsbury for an afternoon of celebration, photographs and a few more marryoke takes.  Although it started to get a bit damp as we were capturing the couple shots, Helena and Dave were fabulous and determined to get the shots without having to stand under umbrellas as well as being rewarded later in the evening by some gorgeous light and were more than happy to get outside again, and not only that but to go 'off roading' (a deep intake of breath is required - Helena was in Jimmy Choo shoes no less!!!!) to make the most of the venue.....

Their dance floor was full of friends and family who knew how to paaaaartaaay and was pretty much packed all night and whilst Dave was quietly smiling, I don't think Helena stopped beaming (except for certain photographs she created a 'look' for) all day.

Congratulations both..........it was magic!

Helena & David SlideshowWedding photography at St Benedicts, Wombourne and Albrighton Hall, Shrewsbury by www.emotive-imagery.co.uk








maxine@emotive-imagery.co.uk (Emotive Imagery) albrighton albrighton hall marryoke photography shrewsbury st benedict's video wedding wedding photography wombourne https://www.emotive-imagery.co.uk/blog/2017/8/helena-daves-slideshow---a-day-of-emotion-and-laughter-for-a-fabulous-couple Thu, 17 Aug 2017 09:44:15 GMT
A guide to aspect ratio and print sizes. https://www.emotive-imagery.co.uk/blog/2017/8/print-sizes What is aspect ratio and why do I need to know about this?

Aspect ratio is is a term used to describe the ration between the width and the height of an image. The reason aspect ratio is often ignored is quite simple - the aspect ratio of your photos depends on the camera used, and we tend to take that for granted.  Many of the newer digital cameras provide an option to select from several aspect ratios, each of which has its own characteristics and photographers can crop an image to a different aspect ration in post-processing.

So, how does aspect ratio work? It relates to the width and height of an image and basically describes how square (1:1) or wide (16:9) or image is. It's expressed as a figure, like this: width:height (width always comes first).

Most compact cameras, some digital medium format cameras and medium format film cameras use a 4:3 ratio or similar - hence the instant print machines/mass-market labs common print sizes being 7x5in/8x10in and reproducing the image as shot by the camera. 

The aspect ratio of the 35mm frame is 3:2. All fx and dx digital SLRs, regardless of sensor size or megapixels, use the 3:2 aspect ratio. It simply means that the frame is one and a half times as wide as it is high (or the other way around if you turn it on its side to use the vertical or "portrait" format).  

Your event will be shot using high end digital SLR's (unless otherwise specified) using an image aspect ratio of 3:2 with a view to pleasing album design/large-scale printing through professional print labs.  A small number of your images may be cropped to a 5:4 ratio if it felt that it aids the image.  Therefore, your images will NOT be the correct aspect ratio to fit into a 7x5in print without cropping (reducing the size of the image by cutting some away) and please bear in mind that if sent to a lab without a preview option, it is likely you will have no control over the where the crop will fall and so important areas of your image may be lost. 

Below is a cheat sheet that lists the print sizes compatible with a 3:2 aspect ratio so that you won't go wrong when ordering prints from a third party.  Alternatively, you can always order your prints through me and I can advise what sizes will suit the image to be printed and whether it can be cropped to change the aspect ratio.

Cheat sheet and more information regarding aspect ratio can be sourced at paintthemoon.net.

maxine@emotive-imagery.co.uk (Emotive Imagery) aspect ratio print print sizes https://www.emotive-imagery.co.uk/blog/2017/8/print-sizes Thu, 03 Aug 2017 14:30:11 GMT
Bostin' Bobby's 'Baby' Shoot https://www.emotive-imagery.co.uk/blog/2017/6/bostin-bobby-s-baby-shoot I have had great fun catching up with what were wedding clients over the years who have stayed in touch and have been meeting their young families for photoshoots.  This weekend I caught up with Emily and Dave and their bostin' little boy Bobby for his somewhat belated 'baby' shoot. With a picnic blanket on Nanny & Grandand's lawn and being blessed with lovely natural light, we managed to get great images of this little man who shone in front of the camera, giving us a whole range of fabulous expressions to work with - what a natural!


maxine@emotive-imagery.co.uk (Emotive Imagery) baby baby shoot natural light photography shoot https://www.emotive-imagery.co.uk/blog/2017/6/bostin-bobby-s-baby-shoot Mon, 26 Jun 2017 12:41:30 GMT
Estelle & John's Halton House wedding slideshow https://www.emotive-imagery.co.uk/blog/2017/6/estelle-johns-halton-house-wedding-slideshow Hopefully you saw the taster shots I posted from Estelle & John's stunning military wedding at Halton House earlier this year and I know it has been a while, but now have great pleasure in sharing their slideshow; giving a little more insight into this delightful couple's wonderful day at a venue that certainly has the 'wow' factor. 

I hope you enjoy watching as much as Phil and myself enjoyed capturing these images!

Because the auto-HD option reduces quality, when viewing, please select the 720 option from the dropdown menu at the bottom right of the viewing screen.  Thanks.

Estelle & John's military wedding at Halton House

maxine@emotive-imagery.co.uk (Emotive Imagery) Halton House military military wedding photography wedding https://www.emotive-imagery.co.uk/blog/2017/6/estelle-johns-halton-house-wedding-slideshow Thu, 22 Jun 2017 13:07:10 GMT
Fletcher's newborn photography shoot https://www.emotive-imagery.co.uk/blog/2017/6/fletchers-newborn-photography-shoot Fletcher came to visit me in March; not too long after he came into the world and he was the ideal model, sleeping for much of the time, but still rewarding us with a few whimsical smiles and most settled when he was wrapped up in lovely soft blankets.  His Mom and Dad have now allowed me to share a handful of images from the shoot, so feel free to have a look through them at this little star!

maxine@emotive-imagery.co.uk (Emotive Imagery) images newborn photography https://www.emotive-imagery.co.uk/blog/2017/6/fletchers-newborn-photography-shoot Tue, 20 Jun 2017 16:30:27 GMT
The Lang's family photoshoot https://www.emotive-imagery.co.uk/blog/2017/6/the-langs-family-photoshoot I first met Carly and Shannon when I photographed their UK wedding before their return to Oz, and had managed to stay in touch through social media when their son, Orin, was born and to see him grow.  With a move back to the UK and then the celebrations of Orin's first birthday I was thrilled when they asked me to do an outdoor shoot the day after his party so that they would be able to look back on images of when he just turned one.

I don't know whether you have noticed, but it has been quite sunny over the last few days and so, in the blazing sun (typically the time Orin would be most settled) and whilst I was melting, Carly and Shannon were in their element and I think Orin managed to inherit a love of the sun because he was totally unfazed when playing in the poppy fields!

We had a totally fabulous session and Orin kept on playing for much longer than many one year olds (I think his challenge was to trying to get as many lumps of dirt and  stones into his mouth as possible before mom or dad could run back into the shot to grab them off him) - giving us loads of piccies.

Carly and Shannon have kindly allowed me to share a handful of sneak peaks, so please enjoy. 


maxine@emotive-imagery.co.uk (Emotive Imagery) first birthday photograph photoshoot poppy poppy fields wedding https://www.emotive-imagery.co.uk/blog/2017/6/the-langs-family-photoshoot Mon, 19 Jun 2017 13:08:24 GMT
Vicki & Tom's maritime wedding at St Peters, Kinver and Blakelands Country House, Bobbington https://www.emotive-imagery.co.uk/blog/2017/6/vicki-toms-maritime-wedding-at-st-peters-kinver-and-blakelands-country-house-bobbington Vicki's day started at Top Kutz in Kinver where the whole salon had been reserved for her bridal party to enjoy an undisturbed morning of hair and make-up preparation (and, of course, fizz) before moving onto her parent's house and I had the pleasure of spending the morning with a group of lovely people.  With the bridesmaids ready, it was time for Vicki to slip into her gown and she wowed everyone by her choice - it was absolutely made for her and she looked stunning!  With the gorgeous flower bouquets and button holes created by the very talented Jo from Floral Secrets, everyone was ready to go.

Just up the road, Phil was photographing Tom and the lads who had popped into The Cross in Kinver for a swift pint (or two) before making the short walking up to the church to greet guests.

Little did guests suspect that they would be in for an absolute treat with Revd. Karen taking the service - her perfect timing/delivery and impish sense of humour never fails to make a memorable wedding ceremony - and once they had done deed this very dashing couple were welcomed out of the church with a sword arch created by Tom's submariner buddies.

A short journey later and we were at The Blakelands Country House in Bobbington, the perfect backdrop for their military wedding where everyone kicked back and enjoyed the gardens in the beautiful weather we were blessed with.  They kept a local theme and even enjoyed the vintage fizz from Halfpenny Green Wine Estate for their toast.

Vicki & Tom were superstars and were a pleasure to photograph by made the most of the venue grounds throughout the day and evening which allowed us to get some simply stunning shots (including Paul slightly delaying evening proceedings so that we could get the amazing evening light that had been teasing us behind clouds until just before the sun actually set - thanks Paul, it was worth it!).

With the evening guests having arriving it was then up to James and the band (aka Spectrum) to make sure the dance floor was packed all evening and in their typical style and being able to read a dance floor they did not fail to deliver!

Mr & Mrs Wilson - it was an absolute pleasure!

If you want to see some of their amazing day, they have kindly let me share their slideshow - enjoy.

When viewing, because teh auto HD option reduces quality, please select the 720 option from the drop down menu at the bottom right of the viewing screen. Thank you.

Wedding Ahoy! Vicki & Tom's naval celebrations at St Peter's Kinver & The Blakelands Country House



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A sneak peak of images from Helena & David's wedding celebrations https://www.emotive-imagery.co.uk/blog/2017/6/a-sneak-peak-of-images-from-helena-davids-wedding-celebrations Helena and David married on Saturday at St. Benedicts, Wombourne and held their wedding reception at Albrighton Hall, Shrewsbury and I just had to share a few images from their special day.  Whilst Helena enjoyed being pampered with hair and make up and was ready to 'say I do in Choo', David (sporting the biggest grin ever) was touring Wombourne in the bright orange McLaren she had organised as a surprise for him.  After tearing himself away from the car (believe me, it was difficult), he was all set to meet his gorgeous bride at the church for the start of their married lives together and their day was just perfect.  A bit of rain didn't stop their group or couple shots outside, they deserved an off-roading certificate for their efforts (you will see what I mean when the slideshow comes out) and were rewarded with some fabulous evening light; as well as a dry evening to play with sparklers!


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Laura & Anthony's Somerford Hall Wedding Photography Sneaky Peak https://www.emotive-imagery.co.uk/blog/2017/6/laura-anthonys-somerford-hall-wedding-photography-sneaky-peak Laura and Ant tied the knot on Friday at their gorgeous Somerford Hall wedding and I had the great pleasure of covering their wedding photography.  Although it was touch-and-go whether their dream of an outside ceremony would come true, with the chairs set and gazebo dressed and the registrars on side to try and make it happen, when 2 o'clock came the beautiful bride got her wish.

After possibly the most relaxed bridal prep ever (Laura's ever efficient planning had left her wondering what to do for the last hour), and their dream ceremony, the guests were then treated to ice creams on the patio.  This presented a challenge for parents desperately trying their best to keep little one's clothes food free - not an easy task when the children decided that eating ice cream could be done whilst running around the lawn and playing football - before they breathed a sigh of relief on moving into the wedding breakfast in Somerford's stylish ballroom.  

Despite being somewhat damp, Laura and Ant were stars and split their couple shots into three sessions to make the most of different light and locations and we finished with a stunning silhouette in the garden gazebo.


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Sandip & Ross's perfectly themed Art Deco wedding at Himley Hall https://www.emotive-imagery.co.uk/blog/2017/5/sandip-rosss-perfectly-themed-art-deco-wedding-at-himley-hall Well, hopefully you saw the few taster images I put on my blog a while back and know that you are in for a treat with their slideshow.  If not, you are in for a treat with their slideshow!

Sandi and Ross had put so much care and attention into even the smallest details of their wedding to make sure that every part of their 'Art Deco their way' themed wedding was on point and a photographer's playground!  With Himley Hall as the backdrop to this stunning day, everything fitted perfectly together and the smiles from this fabulous couple when they saw the result reflected just how much their hard work had paid off so that they could enjoy the happiest day so far of their lives together safe in the knowledge that their vision had become a reality.

I started off with the girls at home in the morning and saw the transformation into the period look created through hair and make-up by http://sarahrussell.co.uk that was completed by flapper-style bridesmaid dresses and Sandi's stunning gown and veil.  Then it was a dash to the dapper boys at Himley who were putting the final touches to the ceremony room whilst anticipation mounted for the arrival of the bridal party.

Not only was this a beautiful wedding, but as lovers of photographs Sandi and Ross had prioritized their wedding photography to capture the essence of their day and gave over the greatest amount of time I have ever been blessed with from a couple - basically having 3 shoots; not only making the most of the hall (kindly kept open longer by the staff) but also the grounds, as well as letting me have a 'play' with a few 'new' techniques/props for their evening shots.  They were the dream couple for a wedding photographer, prepared to take the time and get to the locations to create their beautiful, timeless shots.

Enjoy!  When viewing please select the 720 option from the drop- down menu at the bottom right of the viewing screen.


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A sneak peak from Katie & Keiran's big day. https://www.emotive-imagery.co.uk/blog/2017/5/a-sneak-peak-from-katie-keirans-big-day I first met some of this lovely family when I photographed Kim's wedding (Kate's sister) on what could have been one of the wettest wedding days I have experienced, although she was rewarded with the most spectacular sunset.  In true Hill-family tradition, the rain that decided to grace us for most of Saturday was, to say the least, torrential.  

However, Kate and Keiran weren't going to let the rain spoil their day and once they had the important part of the day at Christ Church, Coseley under their belts, when we got to Fairlawns they were great sports rushing out into the grounds to make the most of any breaks in the rain (day and night) - particularly impressive given the ground was soaking and Kate was happy to hitch up her beautiful but rather large gown to potter from one area to another.  This beautiful wedding was made even moreso by the tangible love between families/friends and was an absolute pleasure to capture from start to finish.  Here are a few sneak peaks from their day.

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